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BEE Cool Air-Conditioning Services are fully trained, licensed and insured to work on all aspects of vehicle air-conditioning systems.

By David Fry, owner of Bee Cool Air-Conditioning Services 

“My journey started in 2001, when I spotted an emerging gap in the automotive aftermarket, after having my first ‘Luxury Car’, a Vauxhall Omega MV6.

It was soon apparent by the temperature inside of my car, that I had a problem with the A/C, and I started looking for someone to help fix it.

I had several visits to good independent garages, and Fast-Fit centres, and was always met with a lot of frustrated faces and ‘shrugging of shoulders’. Eventually, I had two visits to the Vauxhall Main Dealer (who some years later became one of our customers), and like some kind of ‘Black Magic’ behind big silver closed doors, and a £1000 bill later, my A/C System was fixed and I was back to “Bee’ing Cool” in my car again!

This started my inquisitive mind off in wanting to know more about the ‘Dark Art’ of car A/C systems.

Knowledge was hard to come by, but I made it my goal to academically study every Textbook and Technical Course I could find, and I was fascinated finding out that the number of cars now being factory fitted with A/C systems was growing exponentially year on year.

Eventually in early 2003, I had my first A/C qualification from the CITB, technically a qualification for A/C of buildings, together with a Gas Corgi Certificate, as nothing specific existed in the Automotive field in those days.

Later in 2003, I became a ‘Fellow Of The Institute of Air Conditioning’, and I started to feel like I knew something about A/C Systems. It was the beginning of the actual knowledge I would require to do my job! Today I have too many specific Automotive Qualifications to list, and the experience of literally thousands of cars to call upon.

in 2004, Bee Cool ACS was born. When I started, Bee Cool’s customers were, in the main, other garage businesses who either didn’t want to do A/C, or who had some equipment but no idea how to use it. We only had a small number of calls from the general public at this stage.

Fast forward to 2020, we now have our original unit, and have acquired the unit next door. We have 8 repair bays, and 6 full time workshop technicians to service all our customers. We do A/C pipe fabricating and repairs for customers all over the UK and Europe. We are directly referred by nearly every car brand for repairs, and our retail customers travel from all corners of the UK to visit us.

We are Prototype and Design contractors to some of the biggest names in the automotive industry at the prestigious Tier 1 manufacturing level. Our customers include Jaguar Land Rover, Tata, London Taxi Co., Lotus, Saab, and Mclaren Cars.

In 2020, I hope that I can inspire and help others in the ever-expanding automotive aftermarket sector to become successful and professional in the A/C speciality field, and realise the potential business opportunity that is there before them.”

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Industry leaders in the UK vehicle air conditioning market!

4500+ Annual Air Con Service

customers per year

Average spend £60 + VAT

1200+ A/C Diagnostic

customers per year

Average spend £65 + VAT

1000+ A/C Repair

customers per year

Average profit per repair £225 + VAT

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