Due to the increasing numbers of cars fitted with A/C at the factory, with 98 percent of all vehicles produced now having the feature, air-conditioning is no longer just a season business. The advent of HFO Systems and E/V & Hybrid Systems, all of which need constant servicing and repairs, has also had an impact. 

We still have seasonal peaks when there is a heatwave, but we’re experiencing demand 12 months of the year. Our workshop-based A/C business currently turns over £1m a year and is growing by 20% each year.

We include three top-of-the range, fully-automatic A/C servicing machines – one is for R134a, and one for HFO-1234yf. These are the same machines we use in our own workshops, and we fully understand their capabilities.

We also include a full Locktrace kit for testing and identifying leaks, all consumables you will need to start up, a Facebook page set-up or support, marketing support and, access to our telephone and video call diagnostic support. 

We will supply you with a complete operation manual, and our branded paperwork to make sure that you are able to make money from accurately diagnosing problems from day one.

We have a Network Agreement specifically tailored to garages that have their own equipment that they want to use. The profit in A/C is not in the servicing/recharging of systems.  At least 20 percent of vehicle air conditioning systems suffer additional ‘problems’ and so with our methods, you will accurately be able to diagnose these and make profit from the parts and labour, as well as raise your level of professionalism to your customer, stopping them looking elsewhere for a solution to their problem. 

Our recognised branding will enable you to successfully use social media marketing of our brand to let customers know that it is a Professional A/C Service you are providing, unlike your competitors and the fast-fit centres etc. 

Access to our buying power for consumables such as A/C gas, oils and parts supplies will ensure that you can make the maximum profit available from each job.

We recognise how important it is for garages to be part of a network when embracing a new service or brand. We want our family of Bee Cool service centres to grow and work together as they embark on their journey with Bee Cool. We wished that a network existed when we started out more than 15 years ago. With our expertise and approval as a tier one supplier, it is our passion to help the network with all the technical knowledge, branding and support they need to succeed.

We offer a complete van-based mobile package, with specially designed mobile A/C machines to help you avoid the pitfalls of standard equipment. 16 years ago, the owner and founder of Bee Cool ACS started this way as a mobile service direct into the trade, before establishing workshops.

We are initially seeking 10 workshops to help establish our brand into all of the big cities in the UK. Our business model would provide amazing returns in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, etc., although the initial start-up costs would be significantly higher. If you are interested in this proposal, please contact us.

We already offer this from our base, so we can extend this to enable you to utilise our facilities by courier or post, offering repairs that have previously been seemingly impossible.

We will provide you with all of the items you need to start trading from day one. You will need to complete a F-Gas certificate and a Automotive DC Diagnostics Certificate within six months of starting, but this normally takes half a day. We will spend two days with you on site to help you start up and make sure you know how to use all of the equipment and are comfortable with the paperwork and everything else in order to maximise your potential. Ongoing support is offered by both telephone and video call so you are never alone.

Yes, we actively encourage prospective Network Members to spend some time with us at our HQ to see for yourself how things work, and just how busy we actually are.

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